Download the ScamAdviser Browser Extension helps over 3 million consumers every month discover if a website is legitimate or a possible scam. You can now install the ScamAdviser browser extension to check if a website is legit in real time. Our browser extension brings to you.

After installing the extension, you will receive a pop-up alert if a website you visit is untrustworthy. The extension allows you to exit the dubious page or to know more about why the website has a low Trust Score. Of course, you can also ignore the warning and proceed to the website if you wish.

Never get scammed (again) by installing the ScamAdviser extension on all your devices. As the extension is free, you can install it on as many devices as you want, including those of your family and friends to ensure that everyone is protected.

Of course, just like, the app is not perfect. So, when in doubt, always check the website yourself as well. You can use our free checklist to help you.

The extension is currently compatible with the following browsers:

By clicking on the app extension in your browser you can also set the level of protection. We recommend standard but by setting it to “strong”. By doing this, you will also see a warning when we have doubts about a website. You can also let us warn you if we have not yet analyzed the website. 

We are continuously working to improve the ScamAdviser extension to make it compatible with more browsers. is the global database of scams containing information about millions of websites with thousands of new websites being added every day. The extension is designed to improve your online experience by helping you avoid scams without being intrusive.

Our algorithms analyze more than 40 different data points of a website to determine the likelihood of it being a scam. If a website is suspected to be dubious, the extension will display a pop-up overlay with a warning to prevent the user from interacting with the suspected scam website.

With the ScamAdviser extension, users can avoid a number of different scams including investment scams, shopping scams, romance scams, job scams, phishing, identity theft and more. 

We do not store any personal data. We only “see” which website you visit and check real-time if the website is legit or maybe a scam. Your page visit is not stored.

Please feel free to contact us if you desire to share your feedback regarding the extension.