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Last year more than € 55 billion was lost in online scams. The expectation is that this number will grow by 40% this year.

Scamadviser has been fighting online scams since 2012. Nowadays we are used by more than 4.5 million consumers every month, analyzing more than 1 million new sites.

We offer several data services to law enforcement, cybersecurity firms, consumer authorities, and brand protection agencies to help them separate reliable online sites from scams and fraudulent websites.

You can find all our partners on our Partner Page.

We serve companies in several ways:

  • Use our Domain Trust Score API to check a domain in real-time.
  • Protect your customers by integrating our scam and phishing Data Feed.
  • Identify scam networks with our Domain Analyzer.
  • Receive Scam & Brand Alerts for IP-infringing sites or other types of scams every day or week.
  • Actively Block Domains that are malicious or sell fakes.
  • Integrate ScamAdviser's search engine easily into your own site with our white-label solution

Each of the services is explained in more detail below.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Domain Trust Score API

The Scamadviser Trust Score API is a fast and easy way for businesses to check the trustworthiness of a domain and integrate it within their Know Your Customer (KYC) risk assessment flow.

The website's address is all you need. From this single input, Scamadviser will do all the hard work and provide you with our bespoke Trust Score.

Our algorithm analyses any online (sub)domain for both positive and negative factors to determine its trustworthiness.

In addition, Scamadviser can warn you if a Trust Score drops or increases, helping you to manage and monitor your risk after having approved the website.  

The Scamadviser Trust Score API helps several kinds of companies:

  • Advertising & Social Media Platforms: If you are a social media platform, affiliate network, or display advertising system, our Trust Score API helps you identify possible fraudulent advertisers quickly. 
  • Financial Services Providers: Scamadviser API has been integrated by several Know Your Business (KYB) service providers as well as PSPs as an additional data point in the verification process.
  • Internet Service Providers: Independent of if you offer payment solutions, email marketing services, or other online services, by helping a fraudulent website, you are in trouble with customers performing chargebacks, demanding refunds, or suing for damages. 

Scamadviser gives you control over how you want to evaluate a website depending on which factors are most important for you.

Pricing is dependent on the number of API calls. You can find all technical documentation here:

Data Feed

For anti-virus vendors, cybersecurity companies, and threat and malware detection agencies we offer access to the Scamadviser complete data set via a feed:

  • Every 5 minutes an update file in generated with the most recent changes.
  • These are aggregated every hour to an hour file and every 24 hours to a daily file.
  • Each file contains new and updated websites scanned in the last 24 hours and includes an MD5 checksum.
  • All domain information can be included including among others:
    • The domain name
    • The trust score (0 - 100)
    • The reasons why a certain trust score was given.
    • All WHOIS data
    • The aggregated consumer reviews
    • Facebook comments found
    • Technologies used
    • Etcetera
  • The file format is JSON (download example).

Pricing is dependent on how the data feed is used. You can find all technical documentation here:

Domain Analyzer

Especially for law enforcement and brand protection agencies, we have made the entire Scamadviser data set available for analysis

Using our forensic tool allows you to:

  • Find all related data to a specific domain.
  • Find related domains based on ownership, IP address, etcetera.
  • Identify new domains offering illegal products or services.

The video below gives a quick overview of the Domain Analyzer.

Scam & Brand Alerts

With more than 1 million websites added every month, Scamadviser provides law enforcement, brands and, brand protection agencies with daily, weekly, and ad hoc reports on new websites. 

Alerts can be set as generic or very specific:

  • Which domains were added this week using my brand name?
  • Which French sites are offering “research chemicals”?
  • Which hosting companies in the Netherlands have the most scammers?

Our alerts can be customized based on your needs and you can create and set new alerts yourself in our Domain Analyzer

White-Label Solution

Our White-Label Solution allows you to integrate ScamAdviser's search engine into your own website

This allows you to offer the same protection to consumers to check any website without having to leave your trusted environment. 

Several organizations are already using our White-Label Solutions such as:

  • GetSafeOnline and CIFAS in the United Kingdom.
  • maintained by ECP and supported by Thuiswinkel and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Netherlands).
  • DECO Proteste, the Portuguese Consumer Protection organization.
  • Ecommerce Croatia, the Croatian Ecommerce Association.
  • DK Hostmaster, the Danish registry with the support of more than 10 Danish internet and security companies.
  • Cyberskills Ireland supported by An Garda Síochána, the Irish national police.
  • iBarry, an initiative of The Swiss Internet Security Alliance.
  • EMA, the Ukrainian Banking Association.

We also offer a White-Label browser extension, allowing you to protect your clients, users, or members from scams even without having to go to your website. 

Block Domains

Taking down a malicious website often takes days, or weeks, if at all successful. First, the owner of the website must be contacted. If there is no response, the hosting company and registrar can be requested to take down the domain. This process often takes significant legal efforts. can help block a domain name within minutes. By reporting scams, IP infringing website and other malicious domains to us, you not only help 4.5 million consumers that check on a monthly basis but also reach the users of our Data Partners, such as search engines, social media platforms, anti-virus companies and internet filters. We estimate that via our Data Partners we reach more than 1.5 billion consumers worldwide monthly and this number is growing quickly. 

In the end, scammers need to be taken down. Scamadviser works closely together with its partners EBRAND, globaleyez and Group-IB and to not only take down single websites but entire networks of scams and the cybercriminals behind them. Please contact us, if we can assist you.